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Concert Review: The Butlers Bring Milky Goodness to Auckland's Earholes

By Henry Appleyard at Radio13 in Auckland, New Zealand.

“The Butlers continued to please the crowd over and over; each song rearing the audience to explosive tangents of joy and sing-alongs with lovely couples matching to boot. One of the two singles released leading on to the new self-titled album, ‘Leopard of Sweet Dreams’ got the crowd to a point of climax that could not contain itself.”

“Although these dudes seemed down to earth in person, up on stage they soared with otherworldly confidence and a dynamic that really did bring milky goodness into my earholes.”

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Dave Bruce from ‘Amplify’ in Australia sent us through a few q’s, we answered them. Some of the answers are weird.

Our special friend Josh Woollett wrote some beautiful words on his blog ‘Negatives’ about the new album, and spun a wee yarn with Walt about the band and all things music.

“The Butler’s are a band still in their infancy yet bear the stage presence and musical composition of a band far beyond their years.”

“The first time I met the group there was only four members; Bradley, George, Jordy and Walt. At the time they were only recording their first single, Are You Sure?, which while a brilliant song in of itself is a far cry from the new and far more eclectic 5-piece Butlers. The latest instalment is not only a credit to the maturation of both the sound and the group, but to the relationship and love they give to their community.”

Fresh talent: the butlers

Written by Matt Mortimer for NZ Musician Magazine

“Such is the soulful, fun and almost whimsical feel of their music, it becomes a case of struggling to find the pulse of what their genre identifies with best. Some sneaky jazz hooks, an almost ska feel and smooth lyric lines all meld together, creating a somewhat eclectic soul vibe that just works.”

“As much as The Butlers might be blazing a trail in the genre department, plenty of listeners agree with the mixture they’ve come up with, and their tours have been bringing fans out all across the country.”

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Christchurch’s The Butlers release self-titled debut album

Written by Max Tetlow for ‘Sniffers’

“Across their 9 track debut album, The Butlers show off what’s been brewing in the South Island for some time now. Although they’ve only been playing together for roughly 18 months, they sound like a life-long band. While some members got their start playing in cafes and cars, others bring in a veteran presence and a niche ability to play the saxophone, one thing for sure they’ve found their winning formula.”


By Tiana Speter from ‘The Soundcheck’ (Australia)

“What is perhaps most enjoyable about this Kiwi lots debut full-length is the level of authentic passion shining through. Sure, it sounds slick and comes at you like a warm hug, but there's a whole lot more than meets the ears for The Butlers, and their debut album has set the bar high for what is no doubt set to become a very bright future.”

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